Maira Mei/梅伊婧

“Shame dies when stories are told in a safe environment”. I believe that building a safe and genuine relationship with clients is essential in facilitating healing. Relating to others in an empathetic and genuine way has always been my nature, and I bring these to my counseling sessions. I believe that when we help our clients recognize their own strength and resiliency,  they discover a new potential within themselves. 
The struggles in my own life led me to the journey of healing, eventually finding my passion in guiding those who are hurting or lost.  I work with clients of all ages, and with a diverse range of challenges. In addition to helping clients who are struggling with anxiety, depression, and grief,  I have helped clients in a domestic violence shelter work through their trauma of abuse, veterans struggling with their post traumatic stress disorder, and college students navigating through their career choices and relationships.  No two persons journeys are the same. We can discover the uniqueness and deeper meaning in your journey together. 

I use a Gestalt therapy approach to help you connect with your authentic self, and I frequently incorporate bodywork in sessions. I am also trained in EMDR therapy, dreamwork therapy and play therapy with children. It would be an honor to have an opportunity to work with you. 

我是一名来自中国大陆的咨询师。 我认为咨询的过程是在一个安全的环境里帮助您倾听内心的声音,寻找内心的力量。我的咨询专长在于在于帮助经历过创伤的人疗愈,不管是童年创伤,还是成年后在家庭或亲密关系中的创伤。 我的工作经历包括服务对未来深感迷茫的大学生,经受心灵或身体虐待的女性,退役军人及他们的家属,以及在抑郁和焦虑中挣扎的人。在这个过程中,我意识到我们每个人的内心都有着潜在的力量,挫折和创伤像乌云一搬笼罩着我们,让我们深深的怀疑自己。咨询的过程就是帮助您把乌云拨开,看到更深的那一层,我相信在那里有伤痛,也有着无穷的疗愈的力量。我的咨询流派是格式塔,我时常会运用身心结合的角度去帮你探索你的困惑。我也会根据来访不同的需求来调整我的咨询风格。我提供眼动治疗(EMDR therapy):一种对于创伤很有效的疗法。我期待与您建立一段真诚和安全的咨询关系,帮助您走上疗愈之旅。

​Fun Facts About Me:

favorite color:  red

favorite drink:  peach tea

favorite food:  hot pot

favorite store:  REI

love languages:  quality time, and act of service

hobbies:  yoga, hiking, backpacking, writing, and dogs