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I believe that counseling is a process to explore inner strength and nurture self. You will start and continue the healing process through finding yourself and accepting yourself. I believe that developmental trauma can influence one's life profoundly. You may find it is difficult to manage your emotions and relationships, and these issues may result from past traumatic learning. In fact, developmental trauma is reversible. In my trauma focused counseling, you will be able to learn practical ways to increase inner power and experience a life with quality.

I graduated from University of North Texas and I have been providing counseling since 2017. I used to work at a domestic violence nonprofit and a psychiatric hospital named University Behavioral Health. Most of people I worked with have experienced moderate to severe trauma, included but not limited to emotional abuse and neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence, and school bully. I dedicate myself in helping people to understand their traumatic experience and develop effective strategies to cope with flashbacks, body memories, dissociation, nightmares, toxic shame, inner critics, self-hatrass and other trauma related symptoms. 

I would provide a safe space for you to tolerate vulnerability and 

reconnect to yourself. I believe love and compassion can be created in a safe relationship and result in powerful inner strength. It's my honor to be in the healing process with you and I would love to meet where you are in the journey. 

I am currently under supervision by Kimberly Powell LPC-S. My current license is LPC Intern #81575. 

我是一位华人心理咨询师。我毕业于北德州大学的心理咨询专业,并于2017年开始咨询生涯,目前在德州达拉斯附近执业。我观察到很多中国人以及中国移民饱受家庭关系的困扰,无论是原生家庭还是成年后的亲密关系,很多人会说 “这就是生活”,然后默默忍受暴力关系所带来的伤害。这些观察让我倍感普及心理健康知识的迫切,以及专业治疗创伤的重要性。



我的执照为德州Licensed Professional Counseling Intern. 我的督导为 Kimberly Powell Ph.D, LPC-S

Fun Facts About Me:

favorite color:  purple

favorite drink:  water

favorite food:  soup!

favorite store:  Joann fabric

love languages:  words of affirmation

hobbies:  handicrafts

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