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Joel Qiao 乔辉

Since 2011, I’ve been working as a professional who specializes in helping people cope with their issues in faith-based institutions. I walk alongside with my clients in a way where mercy meets wisdom. No matter whether they are emotional issues or relational issues, I will dedicate myself to listening to your challenges and struggles. I have been through valleys of suffering and pits of darkness in my own life, and all my experiences had made who I am now. I will not hesitate to empower my client by envisioning myself to BE each of them, so that they will know they are not alone anymore, as they now have a fellow traveler in life.

More than professionalism, I regard counseling sessions a journey towards maturity and self-revitalization. It is easy to be indulged in times full of sophistication and hypocrisy, while I dedicate myself to listen to, accompany, and understand my clients.

I master and conduct multiple therapy techniques that will cover most needs, but still, the best tool of my counseling are my ears and heart. You are always worthy of someone who listens to, cares about, and understands you, and that is more than what I do. That is what I am to be.

In 2016, I graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary in Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling. Now I am the owner of Bridge River Counseling PLLC, holding a LPC license. My professional specialties are: Personality Disorder, Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Divorce Mental Intervention, Cross Generational Counseling. I also provide court ordered reunification therapy and co-parenting classes.


我的专业经历从2012年开始,那时我在北美的华人教会当中做一些牧养和探访的工作,接触到很多的年轻人。那段时间的服事让我意识到精神健康的重要性。之后我前往达拉斯神学院接受咨询硕士学位的专业培训。毕业后在德州最大的收容中心Dallas Life做了四年的实习咨询师,为无家可归人士,精神残障人士,退伍军人,单亲家庭等团体和个人提供多种专业咨询服务,包括情绪问题(焦虑抑郁),人格障碍,情感困境,家庭及婚外关系挑战。实习结束后我开始个人执业,创建了心桥心理咨询室,为华人社区的心理健康尽微薄之力。

我个人的咨询流派是存在主义,但也会根据来访者个人情况的差异来选择不同的theoretical integration。每一位来访都会获得我百分之一百的专注。

基于服务华人社区的理念,心桥心理咨询也竭诚为DFW地区(达拉斯,普兰诺,福和)华人提供双语心理咨询服务,愿每一个华人家庭都能够拥有健康的心灵和美好的关系。 愿心桥心理咨询的华人心理咨询师成为您心灵健康的卫士。


About The Counselor

Wenrui Li 李文芮

I believe that counseling is a process to explore inner strength and nurture self. You will start and continue the healing process through finding yourself and accepting yourself. I believe that developmental trauma can influence one's life profoundly. You may find it is difficult to manage your emotions and relationships, and these issues may result from past traumatic learning. In fact, developmental trauma is reversible. In my trauma focused counseling, you will be able to learn practical ways to increase inner power and experience a life with quality.

I graduated from University of North Texas and I have been providing counseling since 2017. I used to work at a domestic violence nonprofit and a psychiatric hospital named University Behavioral Health. Most of people I worked with have experienced moderate to severe trauma, included but not limited to emotional abuse and neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, sexual assault, domestic violence, and school bully. I dedicate myself in helping people to understand their traumatic experience and develop effective strategies to cope with flashbacks, body memories, dissociation, nightmares, toxic shame, inner critics, self-hatrass and other trauma related symptoms. 

I would provide a safe space for you to tolerate vulnerability and 

reconnect to yourself. I believe love and compassion can be created in a safe relationship and result in powerful inner strength. It's my honor to be in the healing process with you and I would love to meet where you are in the journey. 

I am currently under supervision by Kimberly Powell LPC-S. My current license is LPC Intern #81575. 

我是一位华人心理咨询师。我毕业于北德州大学的心理咨询专业,并于2017年开始咨询生涯,目前在德州达拉斯附近执业。我观察到很多中国人以及中国移民饱受家庭关系的困扰,无论是原生家庭还是成年后的亲密关系,很多人会说 “这就是生活”,然后默默忍受暴力关系所带来的伤害。这些观察让我倍感普及心理健康知识的迫切,以及专业治疗创伤的重要性。



我的执照为德州Licensed Professional Counseling Intern. 我的督导为 Kimberly Powell Ph.D, LPC-S

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions Answered


What is counseling?

Professional counseling is a professional relationship that empowers diverse individuals, families, and groups to accomplish mental health, wellness, education, and career goals.

Counselors work with clients on strategies to overcome obstacles and personal challenges that they are facing.

What is Existential Therapy

Existential therapy focuses on free will, self-determination, and the search for meaning—often centering on you rather than on the symptom. The approach emphasizes your capacity to make rational choices and to develop to your maximum potential.

The existential approach stresses that:

  • All people have the capacity for self-awareness.

  • Each person has a unique identity that can be known only through relationships with others.

  • People must continually re-create themselves because life’s meaning constantly changes.

  • Anxiety is part of the human condition.

Who will benefit from counseling?

Effective counselors can help their clients improve boundary setting and other forms of self-expression. These improvements lead to more growth in other areas of personal development. When offered interventions in positive psychology, improved well-being can also be a benefit of counseling for depression and anxiety.

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