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Mei Thompson 梅伊婧, LPC, MS, NCC
Serving clients located in Texas and Washington

Areas of specialty: PTSD, childhood trauma, childhood physical/emotional neglect or abuse, family of origin issues, romantic relationship issues, friendship issues, spiritual/transpersonal experiences, existential issues, attachment issues, low self-esteem, veterans, highly sensitive population, inner child work, mindfulness and EMDR. Vegan/vegetarian friendly

Aetna, Anthem, BCBS, Cigna, Optum, Oscar Health, UHC, UMR, sliding scale

“Shame dies when stories are told in a safe environment”. I believe that building a safe and genuine relationship with clients is essential in facilitating healing. Relating to others in an empathetic and genuine way has always been my nature, and I bring this to my counseling sessions. I believe that when we help our clients recognize their own strength and resiliency,  they discover a new potential within themselves. 

The struggles in my own life led me to the journey of healing, eventually finding my passion in guiding those who are hurting or lost.  I work with clients of diverse ages, identities, and backgrounds, as well as a broad range of challenges. In addition to helping clients who are struggling with anxiety, depression, and grief,  I have helped clients in a domestic violence shelter work through their trauma of abuse, veterans struggling with their Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and college students navigating through their career choices and relationships.  No two persons' journeys are the same. We can discover the uniqueness and deeper meaning in your journey together. 

I feel a special connection working with clients who identify as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). As someone who considers themselves highly sensitive, and has a highly sensitive spouse, I am excited to use my knowledge and experience to help my HSP clients. In my sessions, I help them work through struggles that are often being overlooked or misunderstood. My mission is to help fellow HSPs understand how to care for the unique needs and navigate challenges that come along with sensitivity, while also embracing the beauty and strengths that come with it. 

I also specialize in working with people who suffer from low self-esteem, attachment issues, or who have experienced childhood trauma. I find facilitating inner child work to be an effective and rewarding way to work through those struggles. 

I love helping clients who experience acculturation issues, spiritual issues, relationship issues, and who want to explore their identities. I believe the goal of counseling is not just to heal the mental health issues clients experience, but also to develop self-awareness, step into self-empowerment, and achieve one’s full potential.

I use a Gestalt therapy approach to help you connect with your authentic self, and I frequently incorporate bodywork, and mindfulness in sessions. Clients usually describe my counseling style as empathetic, warm, gentle, and intuitive. I am also trained in EMDR therapy, dreamwork therapy, Focusing by Eugene Gendlin, and sand play therapy. It would be an honor to have an opportunity to work with you.






          我的咨询流派是格式塔,我时常会运用身心结合的角度去帮你探索你的困惑。我也会根据来访不同的需求来调整我的咨询风格。我提供眼动治疗(EMDR Therapy):一种对于创伤很有效的疗法。我也提供沙盘治疗,聚焦心理疗法,冥想,梦境探索治疗(Dreamwork Therapy)。 我期待与您建立一段真诚和安全的咨询关系,帮助您走上疗愈之旅。

Fun Facts About Me:

favorite color:  red

favorite drink:  peach tea

favorite food:  hot pot

favorite store:  REI

love languages:  quality time, and the act of service

hobbies:  yoga, meditation, hiking, backpacking, writing, and dogs

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