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Polly Dong 董亚丽, MA in Christian Counseling

Areas of specialty: Christian counseling, religious trauma, self-growth

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Life is difficult…. Struggles, challenges, transitions…. make life’s journey not always easy. Humanity has wrestled with fear and shame over its own nakedness, not in the literal sense, but when we experience failure and rejection. Our natural tendency is to deny, avoid, and cover up. I place emphasis on personal responsibility and acceptance. I believe that everyone has the potential to grow into the person they aspire to be. Sometimes we can grow and overcome without struggling, while other times we could use a helping hand to hold the up light and stay by our side as we navigate through a darker time in our lives. My hope is to be that person for those that need me. In counseling, many have been able to approach their lives with fresh perspectives, set more effective goals, maintain better boundaries, and move forward personally and professionally. I believe everyone, including children, when given a judgment-free and safe environment, can find the confidence within himself or herself to thrive. My desire is to provide encouragement, empathy, and genuine acceptance to facilitate a safe environment in which my clients can freely express and explore themselves.


I earned a Master of Arts degree by majoring in Christian Counseling at Dallas Baptist University. I assume a basic cognitive-behavioral perspective, meaning that I believe people’s thinking patterns flow out of their core belief systems and that this in turn has an impact on emotion and behavior. I see problem feelings more fundamentally as the result of problem thinking. The internal dialogues, or self-talk, of a person can lead to maladaptive behavior and feelings, especially if negative, irrational, extreme, unreasonable, and illogical thinking is present. Therefore, I seek to help my clients identify, challenge, and modify such maladaptive thinking into more rational, realistic, reasonable, logical, and truthful thinking. I assert that the Bible is our crucial foundation and source for godly wisdom in the counseling process. My greatest hope is to offer my clients step-by-step solutions for climbing out of the difficulties and to offer powerful hope, help, and healing from God’s holy Word.







Fun Facts About Me:

favorite color:  navy blue

favorite drink:  green tea, coffee, bubble tea

favorite food:  hotpot, Peking duck

favorite store:  TJ Max, Kirkland’s, target

love languages:  word of affirmation and quality time

hobbies:  reading, cooking, walking, shopping, eating

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