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Sophia Zhu 朱瑞, Master student in Professional Counseling Program

Areas of specialty: Christian counseling, couples counseling

pro bono or low cost


I am studying Professional Counseling Program at Dallas Baptist University. It would be a great honor for me to be with you through this special phase of your life if I could be your counselor. I believe that everyone has times when they are confused about themselves or the world, when they feel hurt and difficult to heal by self, and when they want to be mentally healthier or have a more harmonious relationship with others. When you are dissatisfied with how you are, want to live a healthier life, and want to build a better relationship with others, thank you for your willingness to seek professional help.

I grew up in mainland China. I am able to provide personal counseling as well as marriage and family counseling in English and Chinese. I help clients explore themselves and their relationships with others in an environment where they feel accepted and heard, gain insight, healing and growth in the process. Becoming a counselor has given me a greater sense of purpose. I thank every client for their trust and openness. And everyone who leaves the counseling room with satisfactory results is the greatest reward for my work.

          我就读于达拉斯浸信会大学的心理咨询专业。如果能够成为您的咨询师,我会很荣幸能够在您生命中陪伴您走过一个特殊的阶段。 我相信每个人都有对自己或者对世界困惑的时候,感到受伤而自己难以疗愈的时候,想要心理更加健康或者与人的关系更加和睦的时候。当您对自己的状态不满意, 想要活出更健康的生命,想要与他人建立更融洽的关系,感谢您愿意寻求专业的帮助。



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